14 Jul

“Local Establishment [Restaurant review]”

" On my first visit to new surf-themed restaurant Tower 12, the people next to us were actually talking about surfing. That was a novelty, because at many surf-themed restaurants the sport is a marketing gimmick to be appreciated or ignored by a clientele who...

6 Jul

Southbay Magazine: – “The Hungry Surfer”

"Lately in America, being qualified for a gig seems hugely irrelevant. (Food writing seems pretty irrelevant too, just for the record.) That’s why it’s reassuring to encounter people of integrity who over-deliver simply because they take genuine pride in what they do...

22 Jun

Zagat: “22 Things to Eat and Drink This Summer in LA”

"Destined to be the oceanside party spot of the summer, this Hermosa Beach hangout has great bites and fun, fruity cocktails. The social bowls are perfect for a group, like the Southbay Swizzle, a 48-ouncer filled with rum, cintronage, Luxardo cherry liqueur and lime juice....